Game Room Ideas

Most people tend to complain about the lack of space on their homes for recreation, like a Game Room. There are three option of room

Most homeowners often tend to complain about the lack of space and how they could do with an additional room or two. Both the basement and the attic are wonderful options for adding another living area to your home. While they are just poorly kept storage areas in many homes, it is possible to transform these forgotten nooks into gorgeous and functional spaces. Last week we looked atconverting the basement into a modern bedroom, and today we take on the attic game roomchallenge. A game room in the attic comes with plenty of advantages and allows the entire family to spend some quality time together.

Attic game rooms are also perfect for hosting your friends over the weekend, and they give you a refreshing break from your busy lifestyle. Be it that long poker night that carries on into the early hours of dawn or a relaxed evening spent around the pool table, game rooms in the attic come with an array of advantages. And here are a few smart tips to help you fashion a cool attic game room –

1. Building on a Strong Base

While there are plenty of other little things about design and decorating that you can compromise on, the strength of your attic floor is simply non-negotiable! This becomes twice as important when planning for a game room in the attic. A typical game room could feature a pool table, ping-pong table or other heavy additions that require a strong floor. Add to this the frantic activity that often comes with a game room, and your floor really needs to be stronger than usual. Get an expert opinion on the structural strength of your attic before jumping into the renovation.

2. A Simple Color Scheme

Whenever one is designing a small space, it is best to stick to a color scheme that is as simple as possible. In case of the attic, this is an absolute must. It is no coincidence that you see so many sloped ceilings of elegant attic rooms being covered in pristine white. This uncomplicated yet stylish look reduces visual fragmentation of the space and allows your attic game room to appear much larger than it really is. Try and use just one or two accent colors at best, and keep the color palette as monochromatic as possible.

Since you are converting the attic into a game room, there will be plenty of color brought in by all those game tables and accessories. An overload of bright colors can quickly turn the attic game room into a congested and cluttered space. Add a mirrored surface or two if you wish to create a further sense of airiness in the attic room.

3. The Light Up There!

One of the great advantages of turning the attic into a game room is the availability of ample natural light to tap into. Most attics feature a beautiful window or two that bring in plenty of light. Let the artificial lighting fixtures complement and enhance this natural illumination. Using sconces and recessed lights offers this much needed ambient lighting and also saves up on precious square footage. Most game rooms do require plenty of focused lighting. Pendants are obviously the ideal choice here. You can even try opening up your stairway landing and ushering in the ventilation from the previous level.

4. Flooring That Can Take a Hit

A game room without the right flooring looks unfinished and ungainly. Flooring lends a touch of sophistication and is a vital part of the game room, regardless of where in your home it is located.Your attic game room floor must be able to take some heavy-duty activity, and if you have kids around, it often does take a pounding. Wall-to-wall carpet is the ideal solution here. It brings inviting warmth to the game room and keeps the existing flooring scratch-proof. Carpet tiles are also an equally fine choice and can bring geometric pattern to the room.

5. Cozy Window Seats and Floor Cushions

Nothing beats the coziness and the comfort of a tufted bench next to the attic window that offers beautiful views of the city skyline or the distant mountains! With sloped ceilings, attics are often short on vertical space. These cushioned benches offer ample seating, and you can even use this little nook to escape the rush and catch up on a few tranquil moments when the game room is not being used.Apart from the dreamy window seat, floor pillows and bean bags give you plush seating options without having to go for conventional chairs and bar stools.

This is a choice that depends purely on the size of your attic game room. Any decor that one chooses must be proportional to the size of the room and the other gaming tables that are being used. Once again, try and avoid furnishings that have ornate embellishments and elaborate patterns in small attic rooms.

6. Fancy a Game?

At the end of the day, the game room is primarily all about games. (Can almost you hear you at home saying ‘D’oh!’ after that) An assessment of the strength of your attic floor will give you a fair idea of what you can work with. Some attics might not be strong enough to handle all the frenzy that comes along with a ping-pong table. Others might be too small to hold multiple gaming tables. But there are plenty of ingenious consoles out there that bring together billiards, ping-pong, air hockey and even foosball in a single table! Shop for such smart additions, and if you have any custom requests, do not shy away from placing specific demands. You will be surprised by what designers can get done these days!

7. A Charming Focal Point

Every room needs its own focal point, and the attic game room is no different. The defining feature that steals the show and turns heads in the attic room need not be the usual accent wall that you use in bedroom and living rooms. Instead, make the gaming table the focal point with the right focused lighting. If you are blessed with additional space, a small home bar, a sleek fireplace or even a cool entertainment unit can play this role with ease. These additional features add value to the game room and also turn this attic space into a classy hangout.

With all the hours that we spend in front of laptops, TVs and tablets, it is good to move away from the electronic noise and indulge in some physical activity once in a while. The attic game room encourages you to do so in a pleasing fashion. Thanks to its location, it also keeps noise down to a minimum so that others in the house are not disturbed. A perfect way to bring some excitement back into your life!

Create Your Own Backyard Landscape Design

Backyard landscape design is the layout design that you choose for your garden. Based on the size and shape of your backyard there are many ways you can make it look so beautiful. We bring you here some ideas so that you can start landscaping your garden to look great. You have to invest some money if you want your backyard to look like a magazine photograph but it is worth it in the long run. To maintain your garden this way also needs money so be prepared to dig your wallet throughout the year. We will also show you some backyard landscape designs for people on a budget so that it doesn’t mean you have to sell your car to have a great garden.

Backyard Design Ideas on a Budget


On the designs above you can see there are some stones used in the first picture, this makes for a beautiful look and doesn’t break the bank. So if you are on a budget you can use stones to make your backyard something like the one on this picture. On the second image you can see some rustic furniture used which you can find in flea markets or on Craigslist for a ver cheap price. It makes your backyard  look so beautiful and you don’t have te spend as much as it looks.

What to place on your Backyard

When you start designing your backyard you have to take into account what will be included such as furniture, what plants, flowers, etc. You have to decide what colors you want in your garden so that it goes with your home design. When it comes to colors you have to decide if you want a lot of colors or do you want a more modern look with a garden in 2 or 3 colors. I personally prefer a garden that only has 2 or 3 colors compared to one that has more than 5 colors. You have to decide this since you start designing because growing flowers is not a one day thing. It usually takes more than a month to see colors in your garden so if you want to change something in the future it will not be easy.

When it comes to furniture you also have to decide what style, color and size to choose. You can go for the classic garden furniture in a color that goes with your home design. You can also go for a more modern furniture look, but this are normally more expensive. You can choose rustic furniture which give a cool look to your garden. You can find used furniture in your local free markets or online in Either way you can find various styles at great prices.

In the following images you can get more ideas for your next Backyard Landscape Design project.


backyard-landscape-designs-pictures backyard-landscaping-design-ideas-on-a-budget how-to-design-your-backyard-landscape backyard-landscaping-on-a-budget landscaping-ideas-for-small-backyards1


Best Kitchen Flooring Options

HOW TO DECIDE FROM THE BEST KITCHEN FLOORING OPTIONS? If you go to any home improvement store, you will find many material choices fro your kitchen floor or for any room of your house. You can pick from tile, stone, cork, wood or vinyl. We know that the kitchen area is a very important room for every family so the flooring decor becomes a vital part. The floor should feel comfortable to walk on and provide a great design that will complement the whole kitchen area. The reason that the floor of your kitchen is really important is because it affects every other element in your kitchen so they have to be in sync.

In this article I will provide some flooring material references. So go ahead and see what is the best option for your kitchen.

Stone / Tile

– If you want and elegant and stylish look your best option would be stone or tile. Stone and porcelanite tile are best for heavy traffic areas. Apart from being for high traffic it is very safe, slip proof and provides various options of designs to go with your current kitchen design. You can choose from thousands of color and design options in both stone and tile. Another advantage s that it is pretty maintenance free for a long time and it is very easy to clean. The main disadvantage is that it is pricey but if you can afford it you should go for it as it is a durable, safe and cool looking option.


Limestone, Cork and Wood

Limestone, cork and wood are other options that are natural, durable and often used by many new constructors. They are a very popular choice because they are very comfortable as they are softer materials and feel better on your feet when you are standing on them for a long time. This options can give a rustic design to your kitchen so if that is what your looking for this is your bets option. That main disadvantage with this options is that they are of higher maintenance than the other options but it makes up for it by being more confortable.

cork-flooring-optionOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is another option used in most homes today. The reason for this is that it is the cheapest option and provides lots of colors, shapes and design options. It also is a very durable material and requires little to no maintenance in many years. It is very easy to clean so it is a big plus in the kitchen area. Another advantage is that is safe, slip free based not eh pattern you choose. The main disadvantage is that it is easier to break a tile than stone or porcelanite tile so if you decide for this option you should get some spare tiles for the event where you have to replace a tile.



This are the main flooring options today, anyone you choose is good but you should choose the best option for based on what you are looking for. If you are looking for the cheapest option then there is the ceramic tile, if you are looking for the most confortable then there is cork or wood. If you are looking for the most durable and maintenance free option then there is the stone or porcelanite tile. Let us know in the comment section below which flooring you chose for your kitchen.